Fearless by Max Lucado (A Book Review)


Imagine Your Life Without Fear
By Max Lucado

When  I got the opportunity as a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger(http://brb.thomasnelson.com/) to read the latest book by Max Lucado called “Fearless” I was anxious to read it as I have always liked Pastor Lucado’s writing style.  He has a way of putting a grin on your face one minute and sobering you the next.  The mental pictures he paints about various subjects in his books are always well worth the read.  

     This latest gift from him is no exception.  I wondered when I heard the book was about fear how he would approach it.  I think he covers just about every kind of fear mankind can experience.  He covers worry ( which is really a form of fear)  about our children, worry about our money, fear of violence,  and even fear of whether God is real or not.  We only have to do nothing but turn on the television these days and there is so much bad stuff in the news about the previous items I mentioned that we don’t even want to leave the house.  This is a timely book for anyone to read because of what is going on in the world.  People have lost their jobs, some their 401K’s, and their insurance.  These are fears that our society is not used to handling

     I guess one of the most touching things to me was Pastor Lucado’s explanation of how he felt the night before he had major heart surgery. Most people would say, “This is Max Lucado, writer of many many books about faith. He must know how to deal with everything right?” His transparency on this subject is refreshing as he points out we all have a bit of fear about the possible end even though we know where we are going if we are Christians.  It’s at this point that we realize it is faith that takes us through these fears.

    In the book Pastor Lucado gives us some self-inspection tips for identifying our fears and in the back of the book is a study guide which can be used for groups as well as individually.  I highly recommend this book.

About Charmaine

I am a Christian woman seeking to truly "know" God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I love the Word of God and it's life changing power. I like reading, writing, and amateur gardening. My passion is working in women's ministry with emphasis on Bible Study. I believe discipleship is very important in our transformation process to become more Christlike.
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