Is Your Cup Empty?

     I’m sure you’ve felt at times, like me, that you don’t have anything left to give.  We are working on jobs or at home with children and some are taking care of parents also.  This world is a very demanding place to live. But for those of us who are “in” Christ we can call on his name for the strength we need to go on and hopefully shine his light even if it’s on what we might consider the smallest thing.  So today I would like to give you a prayer from a book by Emilie Barnes called “Fill My Cup“. 

                                     Fill My Cup

Fill my cup, Lord. I hold it up to you with outstretched hands, My heart parched and thirsty for your living water.

Fill my cup with your love Lord.Help me to feel your hands holding mine, feel your arms around me, feel your love empowering me.

Fill me with quietness and encouragement and trust.Help me to live for you when trials, difficulties, and storms hit me and those I love so deeply.Help me not to give up when giving up seems easier.Help me to trust you when I don’t feel like trusting you anymore.When I know pain, fill my cup with prayer.Teach me the secrets of service and surrender.

Fill my cup, Lord, I lift it up to you. Lift me up to do your will with love and sacrifice, never forgetting what you sacrificed for me–Your Son, My Messiah, My Lord Jesus Christ.  Help me, Lord, to accept where I am now.  Help me to know I’m not stuck in my circumstances.  Help me to remember that the windows do open and that fresh breezes do blow in and that living water forever flows and that those who ask receive.  I’m asking now, Lord.  I’m holding my cup in my hands, and I’m asking you to fill it…with you. Fill my cup with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  And when my cup springs a leak, As earthen vessels are prone to do, Then I’ll just have to ask again, trusting in your love to fill me again….and thanking you.  Amen

Until next week, God bless!

About Charmaine

I am a Christian woman seeking to truly "know" God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I love the Word of God and it's life changing power. I like reading, writing, and amateur gardening. My passion is working in women's ministry with emphasis on Bible Study. I believe discipleship is very important in our transformation process to become more Christlike.
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